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Diagnostic procedures are a form of repair that is carried out to your vehicle involving any of the on board vehicle computer systems. This can range from Engine Management, Anti-Lock brakes (ABS), Electronic Park Brake (EPB), Traction Control and DSC faults, Airbag and SRS systems, Alarm immobiliser, Heater and Air-conditioning control, Key coding and even Battery charging control.

Here at Oaks Vehicle Service Centre we have the very latest software and equipment to diagnose the fault on your vehicle, and the knowledge to back it up. We provide the highest quality auto services in the area where other garages actually come to us for our expertise.

More often than not the cause of the problem with these systems is either wiring or a sensor fault and it’s not as easy as just resetting the warning light. If the cause is not fixed then the light will come back on as soon as the system is used again.