Car Collection & Car Recovery

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Car Recovery & Collection Services in Canterbury

Pick up/drop off

We offer an unbeatable car recovery service – This is one of our most popular services as it allows complete convenience for you as the owner when getting a MOT or Service. If you’re within a 10 mile radius of the garage we will collect your vehicle in the morning and have it back with you by 5pm. We often team up with local companies to provide employee discounts in which case we will extend the radius as we can accommodate many employee vehicles in a single day. Its best to arrange this in advance as this service is very popular.

Vehicle collection/Recovery

To make your life easier, we also have recovery vehicle that can either rescue you if you’re stranded or collect a vehicle at home that isn’t running. This is our own personalised vehicle so often no cost will be incurred if you’re local and are happy to let us provide the repair. We’re more than happy to provide a quote for the repair before collection – we like to be as open and honest with every customer and hope that you’ll use us again.