About Us

Cutting Edge Autocare Services

Our facilities are smart and cutting edge and the service that we offer is designed to meet the need of all of our autocare customers no matter how big, small or complex. Having the best technicians who enjoy working for us is vital; we look after them so they look after you!

We are striving to be the go-to garage within the Canterbury area, whether it be engine reconditioning or gearbox rebuild or replacement. We have highly trained and friendly staff who’ll talk you through the whole process from start to finish so that you can be assured that you are getting great value for money at every stage of the work. We will record any repairs or replacement parts that are required and send you a video so you can see the issues. We can also show you the broken part when you’re at the garage. Our whole aim is to be completely transparent with all our customers, giving you confidence in our autocare services even if you’re not technically minded. We are female friendly and some of our reviews can be found here.

Service Van MOT Canterbury garage hersden - Fleet Maintenance

We manage large fleet contracts for class 4 & 7 vehicles and offer a comprehensive fleet management service. Some of our clients are leaders in their field and have many vehicles at their disposal that can’t afford to be off the road for a single day. Our overnight servicing and pick up and drop off service provides complete ease for our busy clients and ensures that no time is lost with vehicles being off the road. Here are what our largest contracts say about Oaks.

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